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Site Re-opening date:

Monday 8th March 2021


If Lydstep Caravan Hire are unable to honour your booking due to government guidelines or the site at Lydstep being closed due to Coronavirus, then you will be entitled to the following options:
1) reschedule your dates with the same caravan (this is dependent upon availability)
2) cancel your holiday and transfer your balance on to a credit voucher for use at a later date
3) cancel your holiday and receive a full refund

Please note that guests will only qualify for the above if we are certain that we will not be able to honour your booking due to Coronavirus. If the information available at the time from Haven and the Welsh/UK Government does not clearly make it impossible for your booking to go ahead, then the above will not apply.

Site Facilities:

The offer for facilities will be restricted due to the need to comply with Government policies on social distancing and new cleaning protocols. To gain access to facilities, guest will need to pre-book a time slot and can do so 3 days in advance. As we cannot guarantee availability due to social distancing restrictions, guests are unable to purchase weekly entertainment passes but instead can purchase day passes from Reception. 

Facilities open to guests from 19th March 2021 and close from 1st November 2021 onwards. Facilities will remain open to owners only between March 1st and January 9th 2022.

Telephone: 07791597410

Haven Reception: 01834 871871

Clubhouse: 01834 871927

Swimming Pool: 07970 662493

Marine: 07970 662493

Security: 07968 104391 

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